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because God has poured out his LOVE into our hearts by the Holy Spirit..." Romans 5:5

Monday, April 5, 2010

Shimmer Mist

If you are visiting FROM MOSD,
and wish to find my recipe for
"home-made" SHIMMER MIST,
stroll down to the very bottom of this post.
Spring has finally sprung!
I pray that each and every reader of MOSD
had a lovely and blessed Easter!
Today's gift from MOSD may be a bit obvious...
a mini book that utilizes the
When considering projects with MOSD products,
I am always drawn to these pages.
I enjoy creating mini albums and mini booklets so
naturally, I LOVE these sturdy little, fun shaped treasures!
The are PERFECT for little books of memories or what-nots.

I have some dear friends about to embark
on a spiritual journey of training
that will take them through the next few years of mission work.
I figure they will need a little notebook of sorts
to jot down notes and quotes,
or just keep track of their own thoughts.

So I utilized the
to act as my booklet cover and the
to act as the booklet back.
Then I inserted regular notebook paper
timmed to 5x5" every other page of
card stock trimmed to 6x6"
(each piece of card stock is trimmed 1/8" to 1/4" smaller than 6x6.)
Some of the card stock pages are left blank
so my friends can use them as needed.
Perhaps they might adhere a family photo to keep them encouraged
or a photo of someone they treasure during their training.

The second to last page holds a bookmark
that will surely be helpful with tracking the scriptures.

The pocket holding the bookmark was created
by simply trimming a piece of decorative paper
to 3x6" and folding down a 1" portion of it
to expose the beautifully decorated opposite side.
I left the final pages completely blank, as I said,
for their own treasured memories
whether they be words of encouragement or endearing photos.
The polished stone look of the front and back covers
were created by simply using a sponge and craft ink.
I "rubbed" the inked sponge all over the
Perfectly Shaped pieces until I had my desired look.
Then I edged the pieces with another color.
I spritzed the front and back covers with
some "home-made" shimmer mist.
It sparkles like all get-out!
Unfortunately the photo doesn't show it like IRL.
Stroll down to the bottom of this post
for my "home-made" recipe of Shimmer Mist.
Mini books, whether as albums or a simple notebook
(like the one shown here) can be so much fun
because they are fast and easy to create.
Let MOSD make the process even faster, even easier,
and WAY MORE FUN with the
Enjoy your spring!

Supplies needed:
#71 Platinum (or any color) All-Purposte Ink for Fantastix from Stampin' Up!
high alcohol content hand sanitizer
travel spritz bottle
How to...
1.  Fill spritz bottle 3/4 full with hand sanitizer.
2.  Finishing filling bottle with H20.  (Do not overfill.)
3.  Using toothpick (being careful NOT TO TOUCH acohol/H20 with toothpick,) drip several drops of Platinum ink into spritz bottle.  As each drop drips into spritz bottle, clean toothpick by scrapping excess ink onto the spritz bottle's opening edge.  
4.  Close spritz bottle and shake vigurously.
5.  Test by spraying a scrap piece of card stock.  If more sparkle is desired, repeat step #3 as many times as desired.
To order All-Purpose Ink for Fantastix from Stampin' Up! visit http://alwaysstampinwithkelly.blogspot.com/

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