"And hope does not disappoint us,
because God has poured out his LOVE into our hearts by the Holy Spirit..." Romans 5:5

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Choose LIFE... vote wisely, please.

This is a little book I made last year for for my nephew's girlfriend's baby-to-be. Circumstances weren't exactly what my nephew and his girlfriend had planned, I am sure. Let's face it... no child says, "I want to grow up to be a parent while still in high school. Ya, that would be fun." No. God gives us choices. And LIFE happens. Daniel and Jennifer very easily could have decided a baby was not what they should have to be tied down with at age 17. As one of the presidential candidates put it... he didn't want his daughters to be "punished with having a child" if they immaturely got pregnant.
I am SO (and I mean SO VERY) grateful my nephew and his girlfriend did not see their unborn child as a "punishment." I am so glad my nephew and his girlfriend decided to CHOOSE LIFE by allowing thier sweet little Danielle to bless our world and family. And let me tell you... bless our family, she has! She is a fireball of life and energy. The child only smiles, giggles and RUNS now a year after her parents made an otherwise impulsive decision followed by the right thing to do.
Soon we will vote on a new president for this great country we live in. Please vote wisely. Be informed. And if you are a Christian, VOTE THE BIBLE. I will say it again... vote God's Word. Is there any issue more important than LIFE, itself? There are many many issues. But is there any more important? As a Believer in Christ, I MUST say no, there is no issue more important than the sanctity of life. Please vote wisely.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Libby's Day!

We are celebrating Libby's Day for some dear friends of ours. Libby was born two year ago (or was it three... time flies. it really does) with Trisomy 13. Normally, these angel kisses (babies born with Trisomy 13) don't last but a day (IF that long) here in this rough world. Libby, however, stayed around to share her kisses with us for right at two weeks. Talk about rough... thinking each day our beloved friends could defy the odds of this disease. God, however, seemed to feel the same way about little Libby that we did... He just didn't want to live without her. Therefore, He welcomed her back home with the angels on November 13th.

God's heart is breaking for each one of us to be back with Him. That is why life is so tough sometimes and this world seems so cruel. (This is just my fun little way of dealing with things, of course.) God wants us to live and experience His creation and yet, He can't stand us to be away from His very presence. Until one day, He calls to us and asks us to spend eternity with Him in His incredible love. Libby answered His call.

If you are reading this, you are beyond the ability of Libby's willingness to answer the call. However, you are able to BE READY to answer God's call with a different kind of willingness. Are you ready? Have you personally asked Jesus to be King of your life? You can do that RIGHT NOW. Just whisper that prayer and ask Him into your heart. Then speak to a friend or pastor who knows Jesus personally and find out more about being ready to answer God's call. You WILL be blessed.

As for Libby's Day... I'd ask that you leave a sweet comment of encouragement here for my friend and her family as they miss Libby and celebrate the memory of their precious angel kiss. Thanks!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Could there really be another ME?

OH... MY... I never would have thought there could be more than one Kelly Jean! Well, as we all know by the cute little lines on our fingers that God truly did create ONLY ONE ME. However, just look at this beautiful RAK card sent to me by none other than KELLY JEAN GRAY. Ya! Not only is her name Kelly Jean but she has the same last initial as well!!! How freaky (but in such a fun way) is that?!

Some time ago, I suggested to everyone to try and "google" themselves. It might be kind of fun to see what you come up with. I suggested this only because my niece, Kathleen, did so and what she found was ME. he he he. Go ahead! Try it!

Kelly, thanks so much for this lovely LOVELY card! What a fun RAK!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Think Pink

October is such a great month because I love how women (and people) are so encouraging to one another. Unfortunately, it has taken a horrible thing like cancer to cause all of this commotion. Never-the-less...

I created this card for this week's NMBS challenge. Check it out here NMBSwaps . Barbara encourages us to "think pink" in honor of this month's Breast Cancer Awareness.

I CASEd (that's copied) this card from the Stampin' Up! Idea Book and Catalog. Look at page 39 and you will see that I changed it up a bit. I really LOVE the samples in the IB&C but very rarely CASE any of them. I'm not sure why this is except something in me just HAS to create. However, I'm always telling stampers, "You don't have to BE creative to FEEL creative. Just COPY!" And I mean it! Why spend precious time thinking and thinking up new designs when there are so many out there available to us?!

If you are like me and simply HAVE to create, CASE with a few changes. Always be sure to give credit where credit is due if possible. Then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Leave a sweet comment here if you like what you see and include a link to YOUR CARD inspired by mine. I'd love to see what you came up with!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jessica's Gifts

Despite my love for and loyalty to Stampin' Up!, I absolutely adore Bella Stamps! This anorexic hip chic is just so stinkin' cute. What is it about her?! I created this card and these gifts for a dear friend's daughter-in-law and her first sweet gift from God.

The album is a "Book of Blessings." One page is for a pic of the baby while the other side is for a friend or loved one's words of blessing. Jessica had the album at her baby shower for her guests to write their blessings in as they arrived. The tin is filled with more note cards for additional blessings in the case of which the book was filled.

I just love this Bella image. I trimmed out the belly and popped it up. Oh how I wish the photo could have gotten the effect better. It cracks me up just looking at it IRL. The belly is all pokin' out... as it should be, he.

My blessing for Adam and Jessica is for every "LAST" to be more enjoyable than the "FIRST." Many times we parents get so caught up in the "firsts" that we forget to enjoy the "lasts" just as much. I never cry on the first day of school. I always cry on the last. I enjoy the last game of the season more than the first, the last day of summer camp more than the first... those sorts of things. I believe the "lasts" are God's way of saying, "Look! Just look what I've done with your precious one. And just wait til you see what's next!" Ahhh, yep... THAT I love! May you always enjoy the "lasts."

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Super Sweet and Sassy Sis

Check out these amazing gifts my sweet and sassy sis sent me! Imagine how special I felt when I got this wonderful package of goodies for my b-day! Although my b-day is long gone, I am constantly reminded of my friendship with my little sis, Sabrina. (Sabrina became my little sis through a fun secret sister game. She really is like a sis to me!) I love her sassy spirit but most of all I enjoy her sweetness. Oh! And her talent... now you get to enjoy that as well. Thanks bunches again, Sabrina. You SO ROCK!!!